A Beautiful Process

In order to create beautiful photography, one needs a beautiful process and before that a beautiful thought.

Photography is as much an art as it is technical know-how. Especially when the client's wants and needs vary so widely from client to client. Because of this we as photographers much be agile and flexible while having a plan to keep things moving along and avoid stagnation. We achieve this by getting to know the client.

Step one: First Contact

First contact could be anything from email or phone call to Facebook messaging or texting. It really depends on the client - what they prefer. In this conversation we get a general idea of what the client is looking for whether that’s clean cut white backdrop business portraits or casual/relaxed family photos at the park. We also take the time to collect the different ways of contacting and communicating with the client. Once this is done we schedule an in-person consultation.

Step two: Consult the client

After we’ve gotten the general idea of what that client is looking for we put together ‘mood boards’ and idea webs showing different ways we can capture what the client is looking for. This step is all done in-person of course - So this could be the first time we meet face to face! While in this meeting we discuss different ideas that both parties have brought to the table and find out what the client likes best and make a plan for the session to include all those ideas. Once this is done we schedule the photo session!

Step three: Photography time!

This part is everyone’s favorite part! Letting the kids run wild! No but actually. We arrive to most sessions with a photographer and an assistant. The assistant’s job is to follow the shot list and make sure we get everything we planned for in the allotted time. Then the photographer’s job is … well… take photos! Through the process we might ask you to make silly faces etc. Don’t worry this is all normal and very useful! Moving on from here we have editing.

Step four: Editing

This is the part where I take the photos back to the studio and edit them. For times when you know, your kids forgot to brush the spinach out of their teeth after lunch! On average for every one hour of shooting we are looking at 2 hours of editing time to make sure we don’t miss anything. For sessions like wedding and engagement that time goes up drastically due to styling demands and such. Once I am finished editing I upload the session to our Gallery where the client may view the photos at home in the comfort of their own bed, or desk - wherever really. Most sessions also come with a mobile app of your top favorites. After the client has picked their favorites we move onto the order session!!

Step five: Order session

When the client is ready to order they can setup a session with us by emailing or calling us at info@thelotus.ca or 587-985-7084. This order session takes place back at the studio where we go through your favorites and decide what size/combination and material you’d like to print your keepers on. Once a print order is submitted the gallery opens up for digital downloads!

Step six: Digital backup

As we know technology is always changing and electronics don’t last forever. To mitigate this fact we not only back up our photos for a full year on our own hard drives we back them up on third party servers where there are back up redundancies my the millions. Purchasing this ‘cloud’ storage is simpler and more cost effective for us to do than the general consumer, so we pass that along to our clients. At no extra charge we back up the clients photos for life. so in 25 years when they can’t find that FLOPPY DISK they saved the photos to they can call us and get another download. Save the worry - Preserve your memories.

P.S. A floppy disk only contains 1.2 megabytes of space - that’s barely large enough for today’s word documents…. CRAZY!!